Every successful business had a successful Social Media presence.  Your Social Media footprint can many times be the deciding factor on a potential customer​'s buying decision. You want to have a presence that is professional, creative, educational, quantifiable and, most importantly, something that consistently communicates your vision for your business. What you DON'T want to fall into is the trap of post over-saturation. By that we mean throwing content on to your social sites purely to have frequency. Frequency is valuable, but it's down the list of priorities.


LECK INC has created packages for every level of business, from the start-up company all the way to the seasoned enterprise. As you read over the packages below, keep in mind that they are ALL month-to-month and include much more than just simple posts. We incorporate video, text-message campaigns and on-going monitoring of your social platforms so you can experience the most benefit from each. 

With a Social Media Strategy from LECK INC, you can actively engage your audience and consistently grow your business. Contact us today and let us show you how.